Healthcare Accreditation Certification Program (HACP)
Knowledge you need, Recognition you deserve!

How to Apply

Applying for the HACP is easy! Here’s how it works:

  1. Submit your application either by phone, fax, or mail. If you are paying by check, then you must submit your application by mail. Credit cards may be used in any type of registration.
  2. You will need to decide at the time of your application whether you want to take the exam online or at an in-person proctored test site. Proctored exams are accompanied by a preparation course held the day prior to the examination. Online exams can be taken at any time during the year, while in-person proctored exams are offered annually.
  3. You will be notified by email once we have received and approved your application.
    • If you are taking the exam on-line, your contact information will be forwarded to Exam You will be notified when you are able to take the exam. At that point, follow instructions in the Candidate Applicant Handbook.
    • If you are taking the exam at an in-person proctored location, note the specific location on the application form. Location details are on the website. Applicants will be responsible for procuring their own travel arrangements.

Ready to Apply?

For NEW CANDIDATES and HACP's who let their certification expire.

Did You Not Pass the Initial Online Exam and Need to RE-TAKE It?

To apply by phone, call toll free at 866-324-5080 between 9AM to 5PM PT, Monday through Friday.
HACP is listed by the American Nurses Credentialing Center as meeting criteria for inclusion in a hospitals Demographic Data Collection Tool™ for Magnet Status.