Healthcare Accreditation Certification Program (HACP)
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Healthcare Accreditation Certified Professionals

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No. Name Title Cert. Type
01. VeronicaV. Abercrombia Clinical Effectiveness Consultant RN Clinical Effectiveness Consultant RN CMS
02. ShylaS. Abraham RN RN CMS
03. RinaR. Adams Director Regulatory Affairs Dir. Regulatory Affairs CMS
04. AdebolaA. Adelekan CNO CNO CMS
05. NestorN. Adraneda QM/Risk Management Coordinator QM/Risk Mgmt. Coordinator CMS
06. AzitaA. Afsharimehr Surveillance Specilaist Surveillance Specilaist CMS
07. Robert F.B.B.R. Aguilos Licensed Nursing Home Administrator Licensed Nursing Home Administrator CMS
08. PatriciaP. Aiello Director, Regulatory and Policy Dir., Regulatory & Policy CMS
09. Syed Muhammad ShafiqueS. Alavi Laboratory Supervisor Laboratory Supervisor CMS
10. IrmaI. Alcaraz QI Nurse Manager QI Nurse Mgr. CMS
11. BreaB. Aldorfer Dir. Accreditation & Regulatory Compliance Dir. Accreditation & Regulatory Compliance CMS
12. MaureenM. Aldrich N/A N/A CMS
13. CristhianC. Alegria Director Dir. CMS
14. JackJ. Alfman Jr. Clinical Administrator Clinical Administrator CMS
15. MuderM. Alkrisat Corp. Chief Quality Officer Corp. Chief Quality Officer CMS
16. JanineJ. Allbritton Accreditation Clinical Coordinator Accreditation Clinical Coordinator CMS
17. LaceyL. Allemand RN RN CMS
18. SherylS. Almandrez AR&L Manager AR&L Mgr. CMS
19. RhondaR. Alnahdy Quality Coordinator Quality Coordinator CMS
20. RachidR. Alrayes Risk Manager Risk Mgr. CMS
21. IrmaI. Alvarado RN RN CMS
22. GriseldaG. Alvarado Health Information Management Health Information Mgmt. CMS
23. PatriciaP. Alvarado Quality Assurance Nurse Quality Assurance Nurse CMS
24. JulieJ. Ambrose Accreditation & Licensure Specialist Accreditation & Licensure Specialist CMS
Certification Type
CMS: Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
PE: Physical Environment (Coming Soon)
EP: Emergency Preparedness (Coming Soon)
IC: Infection Control (Coming Soon)
HACP is listed by the American Nurses Credentialing Center as meeting criteria for inclusion in a hospitals Demographic Data Collection Tool™ for Magnet Status.