Healthcare Accreditation Certification Program (HACP)
Knowledge you need, Recognition you deserve!

HACP is the only program
of its kind that is:

  • Externally Validated
  • Peer Reviewed
  • Securely Administered
Sponsored by the Center for Improvement in Healthcare Quality
The Healthcare Accreditation Certification Program(s) (HACP) are the only national professional credentials solely dedicated to demonstrating competency in select fields of the regulatory environment.
CIHQ Announces the HACP-CMS
Online Preparatory Course
Approach the HACP-CMS Exam with Confidence!
Being HACP-CMS certified:
  • Establishes your credentials and credibility as an expert in the accreditation / certification field.
  • Opens the door to a change in career or advancement in your current field.
  • Keeps you abreast of changes in the accreditation and regulatory environment.
  • Gives you the knowledge and confidence you need to help your organization be successful!
The HACP-CMS Online Preparatory Course consists of 8 modules (each approximately 60 minutes long) which provide a clear explanation of the CMS Survey & Certification process, as well as key CMS COP Standards. Throughout the course are “key study points” that relate directly to examination questions.
The HACP-CMS Preparatory Course is taught by CIHQ’s CEO Richard Curtis and is administered online through ExamBuilder. Current HACP’s can take the Preparatory Course and earn 6.0 CEU credits towards recertification or other licensures.
In addition to the Online Modules, a Study Guide and Practice Examination are available and cover better than 95% of all examination content!
Register today to join 1160+ colleagues across the USA! Once registered, you will have 60 DAYS to complete all 8 modules.

HACP Programs

HACP - Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)

The HACP-CMS certification encompasses a broad knowledge of the CMS Conditions of Participation for acute care hospitals, and the federal survey and certification process. Individuals who achieve this certification demonstrate mastery of subject matter addressing a wide variety of standards by CMS and all of the major accreditation providers (CIHQ, TJC, DNV, and ACHC).

HACP ‐ Physical Environment (PE)

The HACP-PE certification demonstrates an in-depth knowledge of regulations addressing the physical environment in acute care hospitals. Content addresses key regulations and national standards in Safety/Security, Hazardous Materials & Waste, Emergency Power, Life Safety/Fire Safety, Healthcare Facilities Code, Utilities, and Medical Equipment.
HACP is listed by the American Nurses Credentialing Center as meeting criteria for inclusion in a hospitals Demographic Data Collection Tool™ for Magnet Status.