Healthcare Accreditation Certification Program (HACP)
Knowledge you need, Recognition you deserve!

A Message from the Chair

Dear Colleague:
Congratulations on your decision to seek certification. You will soon join the growing ranks of healthcare professionals across the United States who have come to recognize the value of HACP certification(s).
The Healthcare Accreditation Certification Program(s) (HACP) are developed and administered by the Center for Improvement in Healthcare Quality (CIHQ).
CIHQ is a member-based organization helping healthcare entities comply with standards and regulations necessary to improve the quality of care provided in their communities.
If you're involved in healthcare, then you and your organization are impacted by federal regulations and external accreditation standards. There is an acute need for experts who can guide their organization in compliance activities.
What makes HACP different from other certification programs is its focus on the accreditation/certification and regulatory compliance arena. We've talked to hundreds of healthcare professionals who've told us how much of their job involves complying with standards and regulation. There is a legitimate need for a certification program that enables healthcare professionals to demonstrate their expert competency in an area that transcends the entire organization!
Being HACP certified is more than just "knowing the regs". Accreditation standards and CMS regulations - to a large extent - form the foundation of an organization's ability to consistently deliver safe, quality patient care.
I would like to both recognize and thank you for the commitment that you have chosen to make in furthering the cause of professional competence in the accreditation and regulatory arena. Best of luck!
Warmest Regards:

Richard Curtis, RN, MS, HACP
Chair – HACP Examination Board