Healthcare Accreditation Certification Program (HACP)
Knowledge you need, Recognition you deserve!

What Our Certified Professionals Say!

“This “review course” was exceptional. The discussion on the new CoP extremely helpful. Examples given will aid in the implementation of the requirements. Such a gift to the "regulatory folks" to have the resource of CIHQ.”
Susan R.
“Excellent! Just didn't concentrate on the exam, but also standards and how they apply.”
Kerry Forde, Quality / Regulatory Director
Sharp Health Care
“Excellent as always! You can’t learn this in one session. This is my 3rd year and I still continue to have AHA moments.”
Sheryl C.
“This is a great program. Really think everyone needs this information, including physicians”
Georgia Thomas
Memorial Hermann NW
“This is my second time taking the prep course for the HACP exam – the prep course is and continues to be excellent.”
Kathy F.
HACP is listed by the American Nurses Credentialing Center as meeting criteria for inclusion in a hospitals Demographic Data Collection Tool™ for Magnet Status.