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Sample HACP CMS Exam Questions

Answer the sample questions below then click on the question to reveal the correct answer.
1. Hospitals have a choice of doing all of the following except?
  1. Be directly certified by CMS
  2. Be accredited by a CMS approved deeming authority
  3. Not participating in Medicare / Medicaid programs
  4. Participating in Medicare programs based on approval by their State licensing body
  5. None of the above
2. Which of the following statements regarding the use of a PRN order for restraint or seclusion is true?
  1. PRN use of restraint or seclusion is permitted if part of a medical staff approved protocol
  2. PRN use of restraint or seclusion is not permitted
  3. A trial release from restraint is not considered a PRN use of restraint
  4. Seclusion may be used PRN but not restraint
  5. Restraint may be used PRN but not seclusion
3. The pharmacy must compound all sterile medications and intravenous admixtures except:
  1. In labor and delivery units
  2. In the emergency department
  3. In emergencies
  4. When nursing agrees to do so
  5. When pharmacists are too busy
4. When must informed consent for a surgical procedure be entered into the medical record?
  1. At the time the surgery is scheduled
  2. Prior to the start of the surgical procedure
  3. Upon completion of the surgical procedure
  4. As part of the post-procedure note
  5. Upon discharge of the patient from the recovery area
5. If a hospital has two campuses and each campus has an emergency department, how many medical staff directors of emergency services may the hospital have?
  1. Four
  2. Two
  3. One
  4. As many as the hospital wants
  5. None
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